A Sustainable Place To Work And Live For Our Dedicated Staff

With KHC fully operational and serving dozens of patients every day, our team of medical and administrative professionals remains committed to their jobs — but they’re also feeling the stress of toiling in high-stress roles nearly every day. The next phase of AUCF’s work in Awake is thus to ensure their satisfaction and comfort, and thus their ability to perform their lifesaving work.

To keep up with the clinic’s growing demand, and thanks to the generosity of our supporters around the world, AUCF has committed to hiring an additional six staff members. We will offer these new team members what we offer all clinic staff: a modest, but comfortable place to stay. We have thus committed to doubling the size of our staff quarters.

Apart from this new construction, we are focusing our efforts on ensuring that our clinic is operating efficiently and effectively. While we will likely expand the scope of our work in the coming years, we’ll first take steps to safeguard power and water availability (the current resources, solar and a nearby well, are practical but not optimal); to furnish all buildings more fully and comfortably; and to employ medical equipment that will allow our Awake team to treat their patients with even greater care and effectiveness.

Gustavo Hernando