Help Julius Achon and the AUCF continue their work for the children of Uganda. Your support will make a difference in the lives of many facing truly inadequate living conditions.


Join former boy soldier and Olympic runner Julius Achon in bringing health care, education, and the opportunity to start a new life to the people of Northern Uganda.



Decades of civil war left thousands of Ugandan families in poverty.

Uganda’s civil war impacted the people of the north most of all. The region is bouncing back, but with poor infrastructure and little access to basic services, the process is slow. AUCF works to meet this need every day.

By operating Kristina Health Center, the region’s most highly esteemed clinic, and Cents For Seeds, which provides low-interest seed loans to thousands of female entrepreneurs, our organization is helping Northern Uganda pull ahead in this marathon.


stride for stride

AUCF undertakes all projects in partnership with native Ugandans, with the goal of transitioning to a state of self-sustainability and independence from outside assistance.

AUCF’s all-volunteer board and staff are proud of the work our organization is doing every day. But it is our team in Uganda that is actually achieving results.

With support from generous donors around the world, our team — based in Lira and in Julius’ home village of Awake — has saved thousands of lives and positively impacted thousands more.

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The Progress

What started as a small orphanage for children left parentless by the Ugandan civil war today encompasses the region’s only health clinic, a rural wellness-outreach initiative, a growing youth sports program, and a partnership with Cents For Seeds, which enables female farmer-entrepreneurs to “borrow” seeds, to move beyond subsistence farming. Our progress will continue until Northern Uganda no longer suffers from war-engendered poverty.


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